Franck RIbery in hot water after visit to Sat Bae …

Salt Bae made the news again as French footballer Franck Ribéry got into hot water after stopping by his Dubai restaurant for a new year’s treat.

What could possibly go wrong? Salt Bae, Franck Ribéry and a gold steak? The Bayern Munich winger, himself no stranger to controversy, decided it was a good idea to be filmed eating a gold-covered steak in Salt Bae’s restaurant and tweeting about it to his 223k followers.

Turkish celebrity chef Nusret Gokce, who recently was at the centre of a media storm when he served dinner to embattled Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in his Istanbul restaurant will welcome the publicity from yet another controversy.

The backlash started when Ribéry posted that there was no better way to start the new year than with salt and a visit to his Turkish brother Salt Bae. The public didn’t react well to the ostentatious show of wealth by a footballer spending €300 on a gold-leaf-covered steak and let their displeasure be known.

However, Ribéry didn’t take the criticism lying down and responded with a series of expletive-ridden tweets of his own (since deleted), incurring the wrath of his employers Bayern Munich and a ‘heavy fine’.

The chef seems to leave a trail of salt and controversy behind him.

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