A New Year’s Brunch Menu With A Gourmet Touch

Kick off the new year with a gourmet brunch designed to energize you after a night of staying up late and drinking one too many glasses of bubbly.

This satisfying New Year’s brunch menu features just the right blend of protein and carbs to nourish you from the inside out. You’ll find treats to indulge your sweet tooth, hearty egg dishes to nurse your hangover, a killer Bloody Mary recipe and much more. Here’s what to make: 


The best part about this savory waffle recipe is the batter can be made ahead of time (and it’s gluten free!). It’s the perfect addition to a New Year’s brunch menu.

Get this brunch recipe here.


Ease into your New Year with an easy fix: creamy Greek yogurt topped with shelled pistachios and a generous drizzle of honey.

Click here for this easy brunch recipe.


Looking to incorporate more kale into your life? Try making these savory muffins.

It’s the perfect make ahead New Year’s brunch recipe and it is served with a tangy sour cream and chive sauce.

Find this brunch recipe here.

Watercress Tart

Here is a dish that looks fancy but is a breeze to make and tastes delicious. Use a pre-made crust to cut down on prep time.

Get the recipe here.


Potatoes, red peppers and tomatoes are the base of this flavorful Spanish-style omelette. It’s great warm, cold or at room temperature.

Get this brunch recipe here.


Feeling too lazy to cook? Then try this four-ingredient recipe for a hearty egg and bacon pie that will lift your spirits and energize you for the day ahead.

Click here for this hearty brunch recipe.


Add some sweetness to your New Year’s brunch menu with this heavenly banana bread loaf flavored with ground hazelnuts.

Find this brunch recipe here.


Your New Year’s Eve brunch menu wouldn’t be complete without a nice cocktail. So why not whip up a big pitcher of Bloody Marys to help everything go down smoother? Cheers!

Find our Bloody Mary recipe here.

Acai Smoothie

Enjoy an antioxidant-rich smoothie by combining acai berries and raspberries with honey and yogurt.

Check out the recipe.

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